Your material streamlined in motion.

Smooth, streamlined and efficient

Materials and processes? They have to flow and that is exactly what the AMRs – OTTO ® gamma guarantees. Do you want to organise and manage your material handling efficiently? Count on these autonomous and mobile robots. Moving and/or lifting, these powerhouses do it all and completely independently.

Light or heavy?
These two models will do the job.

- Datasar Automatisatie

OTTO 100

Small, but powerful. With integrated lift for all movements.
Moving boxes and other light loads autonomously is perfectly possible.

- Datasar Automatisatie

OTTO 1500

In need of brute force? The heaviest loads pose no problem.
Do you want to transport heavy loads safely and faster than any other AMR on the market? The OTTO 1500 does the job. 

OTTO® Fleet Manager

World’s most powerful AMR fleet management software

Do you want to manage and control every flow and system of your goods handling in an instant and in real time?
With OTTO® Fleet Manager you have the perfect toolbox.

Do you need 24/7 monitoring, management and production without intervention? We do that!

The key-features of this tool in a nutshell

If you choose for the power of OTTO ® Fleet Manager, then you choose for:

Route control

The software continuously monitors all movements of your OTTO AMRs. This way you always have a visual map at your disposal to locate them and to view their activities. With just a few presses of a button you can easily adjust the guidelines and make adjustments when necessary.


At any time, you have access to the battery life, location, charge, positioning and more. Do you want to automatically assign tasks such as loading, unloading and battery charging? Set it up and go.

Manage each robot independently

To ensure a continuous flow, you always have up-to-date data. At the push of a button you can contact an OTTO employee for support and even a connection with SLACK is perfectly possible.

Easy to integrate

Do you want to link the fleet manager to other systems? Piece of cake. Integrated dashboards provide all the insights you need, but via APIs it can also be linked to ERP and many other systems.

In short, this system puts you in control in a simple and easy-to-learn way.
Increase your ROI, work safely and automate your goods flows wherever possible.

Do you want to know more about the power
of Fleet Manager?

Interested? Contact us, and we will gladly provide you with more information about the possibilities in combination with the Autonomous Mobile Robots.